Beverages To Warm You Up

  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Regular Coffee
  • Traditional Coffee
  • Traditional Hot Beverage Made with Rice
  • Traditional Hot Beverage Made with Corn
  • Hot Chocolate with Water or Milk

Our Sweet Basket

  • Yolk Bread
  • Orange or Carrot Cake
  • Pan Dulce del Día
  • Tamal de Elotito Tierno

Juices and Fruits

  • Fruit Nectar of The Season
  • Green Juice
  • Seasonal Fruit with Yogurt
    Homemade granola, honey

Del Comal

  • With beef, chorizo, chilly beef pork, grasshoppers
    With zucchini flower, mushrooms or huitlacoche
  • With beef, chorizo, chilly beef pork, grasshoppers
    With beef, chorizo, chilly beef pork, grasshoppers
  • Traditional Memelas
    With aciento (pork fat), bean paste, Oaxacan cheese
  • Traditional Memelas
    With beef, chorizo, chilly beef pork, grasshoppers

Assorment Of Tamales

  • Black Mole with Chicken
  • Green Mole with Chicken
  • Chili Pepper with Quelites

The Breakfast

  • Beef Meat Au Gratin
    With purslane and morita sauce
  • Traditional Tlayuda
    With beef or chorizo
  • Pork Meat Torta
    With Oaxacan cheese, green chile, bean paste
  • Bread with Chorizo
    Oaxacan cheese, bean paste, green tomatoes sauce
  • Grilled Sauce with Oaxacan Cheese and Black Beans
  • Coloradito Enchiladas
    Stuffed with chicken and oregano
  • Enfrijoladas or Enchiladas
    With fried eggs
  • Enfrijoladas or Enchiladas
    With beef or pork meat
  • Chilaquiles in Green / Red Sauce or Red Mole
    With fried eggs
  • Chilaquiles in Green / Red Sauce or Red Mole
    With beef or pork meat

From The Farm

  • Fried or Scrambled Eggs
    With chorizo, beef, pork meat or grasshoppers
  • Rancheros with Hoja Santa Leaf
    With green chili sauce
  • Rancheros with Hoja Santa Leaf
    With black mole
  • Omelettes Stuffed with Oaxacan Cheese
    With zucchini flower or huitlacoche
  • Omelettes Stuffed with Oaxacan Cheese
    With beef, pork meat or grasshoppers
  • Eggs and Pork Rinds with Red Sauce


  • Assortment of Traditional Oaxacan Bites
    Oaxacan cheeses, pork rind, guacamole, grasshoppers, mix grilled beef, chili baby back rib, chorizo, chile pasilla stuffed with ground meat, memelas, quesadillas
    to share
  • Traditional Tlayuda
    Quesillo, pasta de frijol, col, asiento / con tasajo o chorizo
  • Zucchini Flowers Stuffed with Requesón Cheese
    Honey, epazote herb, cranberries, sweet puree
  • Duck Crispy Taquitos of Mole Colorado
    Cheese, organic cream, parsley and purple onion
  • Taquitos de Hoja Santa
    Black bean paste, oaxacan cheese, grasshoppers, morita sauce
  • Beef Tongue Tacos Barbacoa Style
    Green salsa, bean paste, Oaxacan cheese, onion and cilantro
  • Suckling Pig Taquitos
    Green sauce with avocado, pork rinds
  • Plantain Molote Stuffed with Grounded Meat
    Black mole, cheese and ranch cream
  • Fish Ceviche
    Morita chile oil and shrimp, xoconostle, cilantro steams, ginger, purple onion
  • Tuna aguachile with roasted avocado
    Chile de agua, green sweet tomatillo, cucumber, white onion, cilantro
  • Tostadas “Tía Blanca”
    Of octopus with beef paw and mixe marinated vegetables

Soups and Salads

  • Tomato Soup
    With tortilla, Oaxacan cheese, avocado slice, skin pork, organic cream and pasilla mixe chile
  • Turkey Broth
    Zucchini stew, quelites herb, and roasted corn
  • Organic Salad
    Creole pumpkin, tomatoes, purslane, chepiche herb, zucchini flower, roasted seeds, grasshoppers and balsamic
  • Green Mixture and Fruits
    Lettuce mixture, fruits supreme citrus, fruits of the season, sunflowers seeds, artisanal cheese, and olive oil

From the Sea

  • Grilled Octopus
    Marinated with chiles and cumin, mexican rice, creamy avocado
  • Grilled Tuna
    Cilantro with purslane salad, black chile oil, zucchini flower and grilled lime
  • Catch of the Day
    Crispy beef, chile de agua and tomatoes sauce
  • Grilled Shrimp
    Marinated with chiles and garlic, watercress fresh salad

From the Kitchen

  • Black Mole with Wild Turkey
    White rice, and fried plantains
  • Manchamanteles Mole with Baby Pork
    White rice, mashed roasted apple
  • Chichilo Red Mole with Lamb
    Mashed potatoes and chile de agua
  • Deer Tamales with Istmeño Stew
    Stuffed with fruits, wrapped in banana leaf
  • Short Rib Barbacoa Style
    Avocado leave, raw sauce of hoja santa leaf with chile de agua, bean paste


  • Corn Bread
    Rose petals ice cream with almonds, coconut oil powder, red fruits sauce
  • Creamy Cheese from Pinotepa
    Chocolate mousse, season ́s fruits
  • Chocolate Tart and Agave Honey
    Fruit jelly, crispy cocoa, fresh fruit
  • Mango-Pineapple Ice Cream
    Meringue with fruit, crunchy peanut, white chocolate sauce with poleo herb
  • Seasonal Ice Cream Flavors